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Welcome to the Surface/Upper Air Division

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Program Documents and Links Last Updated
All Programs - NLSC Return Shipping Information
       - New Return LRU Procedures
       - Return Label Request Form (revised)
       - Frequently Asked Question
- All Programs Maintenance Note 1: Procedures for Equipment Return to NLSC
- NWS H-14A Online Equipment Return Form



- ASOS Maintenance Note 103, ASOS Modem ConfigurationNew
- ASOS Maintenance Note 76, Revision A, Distribution of ASOS STM, Revision B, Chapter 6, Part 1New
- ASOS Maintenance Note 106, Identification of Leased and Hard Wired Telco Lines at ASOS SitesNew
- ASOS Maintenance Note 61, Revision D, Distribution of STM, Revision BNew



- AWIPS System Modification Note 91: Removal of SCSI Card from PX Serversbullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 90: AWIPS AX Replacementbullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 88: AWIPS External Hard Drive (EHD) Installationbullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 89: AWIPS Capsule Serverbullet
- AWIPS System Administration Note 21: AWIPS System Administration Note for Rebootbullet
- AWIPS System Administration Note 20: Changes to Support RWS Software Version
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 108: Release 17.1.1
- AWIPS System Modification Note 86: AWIPS Printer Replacement
- AWIPS System Modification Note 87: AWIPS Storage Migration
- AWIPS Build Statusbullet
- Release OB Install Instructions and Release Notes


- Communications Equipment Maint Note 60, NWR NG1000 Torque Requirements for AC Distribution Panelnew image
- NWR Armstrong Transmitter, Versions A and B, Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Performance Measurements
- NWR Continental Electronics Transmitter Preventive Maintenance Schedule and Performance Measurements
- NWR Nautel Transmitter Preventive Maintenance Schedule
- NWR Transmitter Manuals
- NWR Transmitter Maintenance Schedule - Crown
- NWR Transmitter Maintenance Schedule - SRS
- NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Home Page
- Broadcast Message Handler (BMH) Home Page (under construction)
- EHB 7 (Communication Equipment)
- NWR Transmitter Remote Applications and Software/Firmware Updates
- UHF Radio Software and Firmware Updates
- NWR RSM Pilot Software and Firmware Updates

Environment & Safety

- NWS/NOAA Environmental and Safety Contacts New
- Safety Advocate Volume 2 Issue 4 New
- Checklists, Forms, Templates, etc New
- Occupational Safety and Health Manual dated April 12 2017 (M-50-1115) New
- Propane Tank Inspection Checklist (Guidance)
- FY17 Safety, Health, Environmental, and Sustainability Action Plan
- Initial Report of NOAA Incident, Injury, Work Related Illness, or Near Miss
Report of a Possible Safety or Health Hazard
- Workers' Compensation Procedures
- Occupational Safety & Health Protection For NOAA Employees, Dept of Commerce poster
- OSHA Safety Poster: Job Safety and Health: It's the Law External site
- Monthly Safety Inspection Checklist


- Main Technical Manual Publication Page
   Active Modification Notes     Inactive Modification Notes
   Active Maintenance Notes   Inactive Maintenance Notes
   Active Software Notes           Inactive Software Notes

RRS, RSOIS, Wind Profiler - RRS Software Note 22 Revision A: Security Patch and ECMO Software Install new image
- RRS Software Note 21 Revision A: Installation of RWS Software Version new image
OPSnet - OPSNet System Modification Note 10 Amendment 1: Installation of Frequency Disturbance Recorder
- OPSNet System Modification Note 9: Installation of Juniper EX2200 Switch
- OPSNet System Modification Note 10: Installation of Frequency Disturbance Recorder
- System Modification Note 8, OPSnet PA-88 Modem Installation
Engineering Handbooks

- EHB-1 M Computer Based Systems 17-23new image
- EHB-1 S Automatic Weather Observing Equipment 17-22new image
- EHB-1 R Weather Surveillance Radar 17-21new image
- EHB-1 Misc. Miscellaneous 17-20new image
- EHB-1 B Communication 17-18new image
- EHB-1 H Water Vapor 17-17new image
- EHB-1 J Aerological Soundings 17-14new image
- EHB-1 C Temperature 17-13new image
- EHB-1 K Cloud Measurement 17-10new image
- EHB-1 F Surface Wind 17-9new image
- EHB-1 Y Weather Service Forms 17-7new image
- EHB-1 X Weather Service Publications 17-6new image
- EHB-1 G Atmospheric Pressure 17-5new image
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Facilities - Kohler Emergency Generator Documents for ASOS and NWR
- Facilities Maintenance Schedule - GenCore Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Storage Module
Other Test Equipment - New Calibration Contract Site Visit Schedule (10/03/17 to 07/31/18) new image
- Calibration of RF Radiation Meters (and Monitors)


FPR-D Rain Gauge
FPR-D Observer Instructions
FPR-D Operations Manual
FPR-D Plotting Macro
FPR-D Assembly Procedures
FPR-D Firmware 1.05 and 1.06 (zip file)
FPR-D D111D Note 3 Solar Panel Regulator Installation
FPR-D D111D Note 4 Firmware Upgrade (1.06)
Pacific Region Pictorial Guide
Papertape Decoding Instructions, For 79-1D
FPR-E Rain Gauge
FPR-E Observer Instructions
FPR-E Operations Manual
FPR-E Plotting Macro (XLS file)
FPR-E Assembly Procedures
Configuration File for FPR-E Assembly
Quick Worksheet for Calibration
FPR-E D111E Note 2 Battery Cable Modification
Papertape Decoding Instructions, For 79-ID
WS Form 79-ID, (XLS file)
National Precipitation Verification Unit (2010)
COOP Precipitation Data: Application to NWS Hydrologic Services (2010)
Temperture Air
NIMBUS Operating Manual
COOP Temperature Sites (Map)
Evaporation Wind
Observer Instructions - NovaLynx Black Cup (F106-1)
Water Temperture
TW24 Long Stem Digital Max/Min Thermometer


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