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Program Documents and Links Last Updated
All Programs - NLSC Return Shipping InformationNew
       - New Return LRU Procedures
       - Return Label Request Form(revised)
       - Frequently Asked Question
- All Programs Maintenance Note 1: Procedures for Equipment Return to NLSC
- NWS H-14A Online Equipment Return Form


ASOS - ASOS Maintenance Note 72, Distribution of ASOS STM, Revision B, Chapter 2, Part 4 New
- ASOS Modification Note 102, Revision A, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Airspace System Information Display System (NIDS) Interface Port Assignment and Configuration New
- ASOS Maintenance Note 53A, Revision A, Closing ASOS Trouble Tickets via NOAA E-Mail
- ASOS Maintenance Note 57B, Distribution of ASOS STM, Revision B, Chapter 4, Part 1
- ASOS Modification Note 80G, ASOS Software Upgrade for ACU or SCA Processor Board Version 3.10 and DCP EPROMs 2.0
- ASOS Maintenance Note 88, Distribution of ASOS STM, Revision B, Chapter 6, Part 2, Freezing Rain Sensor
- ASOS Maintenance Note 54D, Dist of ASOS STM Rev B, Chapter 8.1, DTS1


AWIPS - AWIPS System Modification Note 77 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 103 bullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 76 bullet
- AWIPS System Administration Note 18 bullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 75 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 102: Release 14.4.1 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 101: Release 14.3.1 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 100: Release 14.2.4 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 99: Release OB9.16 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 98: Release OB14.2.2 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 97: Release OB14.2.1 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 96: Release OB14.1.1 bullet
- AWIPS Build Statusbullet
- Awips System Modification Note 74 Revision A: Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) DX1/DX2 Linux Data Servers Replacement bullet
- Release OB Install Instructions and Release Notes

- CRS Mod Note 53, Err 2, Console Replacement System (CRS) Output Channel Expansion new image
- Mod Note 91, Nautel NG1000 Chassis Replacement new image
- Mod Note 87A, Nautel 1000W Transmitter INCO Instructions New
- Mod Note 88A, Nautel 300W Transmitter INCO Instructions
- NWR Nautel Transmitter Preventive Maintenance Schedule
- NWR Mod Note 90, Kohler Generator12RES Carburetor Heater Kit InstallationNew
- Armstrong G300B/G1000B Transmitter Coaxial Switch Controller Cable Jumper Box
- CRS System Alignment Procedures, Appendix H, Revision 10 (Dec. 2011)
- NWR Transmitter Manuals
- NWR Transmitter Maintenance Schedule - Crown
- NWR Transmitter Maintenance Schedule - SRS
- NWR Transmitter Maintenance Schedule - Armstrong
- Console Replacement System (CRS) System Admin Manual
- Console Replacement System Maintenance Schedule
- Console Replacement System Maintenance Manual
- CRS FEP/MP Diagnosticsnew image
- NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Home Page
- Console Replacement System (CRS) Home Page
- Weather Radio Improvement Program (WRIP) Home Page (under construction)
- EHB 7 (Communication Equipment)
- NWR Transmitter Software and Firmware Updates
- UHF Radio Software and Firmware Updates new image

Environment & Safety - NOAA Safety Training For Supervisorsnew image
- DOT Training
- Occupational Safety and Health Manual Checklists, Forms, and Templates
- Occupational Safety and Health Manual (7/16/14)
- NOAA Incident Reporting, Recording, and Analysis Manual
- Universal Waste and eWaste Management Awareness Training
- Environmental and Safety Focal Point Online Courses
- National Weather Service SPCC Training
- NWS/NOAA Environmental/Safety Staff Directorybullet
- Environmental Management Manual
- FY14 Safety, Health, Environmental, and Sustainability Action Plan
- Workers' Compensation Procedures
- Occupational Safety & Health Protection For NOAA Employees, Dept of Commerce poster
- OSHA Safety Poster: Job Safety and Health: It's the Law External site
- Accident/Illness Reporting Forms
- Monthly Safety Inspection Checklists
- Web-Based Accident/Illness Reporting System 
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- Main Technical Manual Publication Page
   Active Modification Notes     Inactive Modification Notes
   Active Maintenance Notes   Inactive Maintenance Notes
   Active Software Notes           Inactive Software Notes

ART, RRS, RSOIS, Wind Profiler

- RRS Software Note 20, Remove Windows 10 Update Notification new image
- RRS Software Note 19, Installation of Sippican Signal Processing System (SPS) Software Version (V) 4.9.0 new image
- RRS Modification Note 10, Revision A - RRS Tech Refresh Workstation Installation (RWS7-64) new image
- RRS Software Note 16: Installation of RRS Workstation (RWS) Software Version (V) new image
- RRS Modification Note 9: Stop Bolt and Elevation Housing Assembly Removal and Replacement new image
- RRS Modification Note 11: UAIB Hydrogen/Helium PTFE Hose Replacement for Compressed Gas Cylinder Supply Systems new image
- RRS Maintenance Note 13: RRS Workstation AWIPS Communications Test new image
- RRS Maintenance Note 12: Distribution of NWS EHB 9-711: RRS Wireless T1 Installation and Maintenance Manual
- RRS Maintenance Note 11: Distribution of NWS EHB 9-730: RRS System Administration Manual, Revision A
- RRS Software Note 15: Installation of Sippican Signal Processing System (SPS) Software Version 4.8.0
- LMS-6 SPS Software User Manual for Version 4.8.0
- RSOIS Modification Note 4, Revision A: Replacement of Failed RSOIS Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

- RRS Modification Note 8, Revision A: Vaisala SPS Installation
- RRS Maintenance Note 8: TRS O&M Technical Manual, Revision A
- RRS Equipment Maintenance Schedule 2, Revision A

OPSnet - OPSNet System Modification Note 9: Installation of Juniper EX2200 Switch new image
- OPSNet System Modification Note 10: Installation of Frequency Disturbance Recorder
- System Modification Note 8, OPSnet PA-88 Modem Installation
Engineering Handbooks

- EHB-1 R Weather Surveillance Radar 13-1new image
- EHB-1 M Computer Based Systems 13-3
- EHB-1 Accumulative Report 12-14
- EHB-1 X - Weather Service Publications 12-13
- EHB-1 S - Automatic Weather Observing Equipment 12-11
- Subscribe to NWS Technical Order Updates

Facilities - Kohler Emergency Generator Documents for ASOS and NWR
- ASOS Maintenance Note 67: Standby Power System Preventative Maintenance
- Kohler 12RES and 30RYG Engine Generator Set & MPAC 1500 ATS Schedule
- Facilities Maintenance Schedule
- GenCore Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Storage Module
Other Test Equipment - Calibration Contract Site Visit Schedulenew image
- Calibration of RF Radiation Meters
Barometry - Calibration Dates of NWS Region-Purchased/Office-Owned Paroscientific Barometers by Region, Office & S/N 10/19/2012

- Surface 017-S-14-SP12V20W Note 1, Modification – 20W Solar Panel Installation Guidancenew image
- Surface F - 420 Note 2, Modification - F - 420 Wind System Removalnew image
- Surface C460 Note 2, Modification - Primary Surge Protector, Revised Service Entrance Panel (SEP) Installation Guidance new image

Hydrology - Hydrologic Equipment Modification Note 3, Revision A: CHPS Hardware Install
- Hydro D111D Note 2, Modification - Fischer & Porter/Belfort Rebuild Version D (FPR-D) Installation

- Hydrologic Equipment Modification Note 4: CHPS Hardware Install
- Hydro D111C Note 1, Modification - Fischer & Porter/Belfort Upgrade (FPU) Installation, Version C
- Hydro D111C Note 2 Software - FPU Datakey Reader Operation Under Windows XP Installation

- COOP D111D Note 4, Modification - Fischer and Porter (F&P) Rebuild Version D (FPR-D) Firmware Upgrade new image
- COOP D111D Note 3, Modification - Solar Panel Regulator Installation, D900-1A1A2 new image
- COOP D111E Note 2, Modification - FPR-E Battery Cable Modification
new image
- COOP D111E Note 1, Modification - Fischer & Porter/Belfort Rebuild Version E (FPR-E) Installation, (D111E)
-COOP C129 Note 1, Maintenance - Evaporation Pan Thermometer Replacement new image
-COOP D111 Note 250, Maintenance - Fischer & Porter (F&P) Rain Gauge Drain Tube (D111-1SP106)


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