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Program Documents and Links Last Updated
All Programs - NLSC Return Shipping InformationNew
       - New Return LRU Procedures
       - Return Label Request Form(revised)
       - Frequently Asked Question
- All Programs Maintenance Note 1: Procedures for Equipment Return to NLSC
- NWS H-14A Online Equipment Return Form


ASOS - Maintenance Note 53A, Revision A, Closing ASOS Trouble Tickets via NOAA E-Mail New
- Maintenance Note 57B, Distribution of ASOS STM, Revision B, Chapter 4, Part 1 New
- Modification Note 80G, ASOS Software Upgrade for ACU or SCA Processor Board Version 3.10 and DCP EPROMs 2.0 New
Maintenance Note 88, Distribution of ASOS STM, Revision B, Chapter 6, Part 2, Freezing Rain Sensor
- Maintenance Note 54D, Dist of ASOS STM Rev B, Chapter 8.1, DTS1


AWIPS - AWIPS Software Installation Note 96: Release OB9.14.1.1 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 95: Release OB9.15 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 94: Release OB9.14 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 93: Release OB9.13 bullet
- AWIPS Software Installation Note 92: Release OB9.12
- AWIPS Build Statusbullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 72: Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Monitoring Retrofit bullet
- AWIPS System Modification Note 70: NAS and RFC Network Storage Replacement
- AWIPS System Modification Note 69: LX and DX 1/2 Memory Upgrade
- AWIPS System Modification Note 68: Revision A: AWIPS Pre-Processor (PX) Replacement
- Rack Consolidation/Modem Replacement Shipping Schedule
- Release OB Install Instructions and Information

- CRS Mod Note 57A, Err 13, CRS Output Channel Expansion (Large 6 to Large 7) new image
- Mod Note 91, Nautel NG1000 Chassis Replacement new image
- Mod Note 87A, Nautel 1000W Transmitter INCO Instructions New
- Mod Note 88A, Nautel 300W Transmitter INCO Instructions
- NWR Nautel Transmitter Preventive Maintenance Schedule
- CRS Mod Note 47B, Err 10, CRS Output Channel Expansion (Large 5 to a Large 6)New
- NWR Mod Note 90, Kohler Generator12RES Carburetor Heater Kit InstallationNew
- Armstrong G300B/G1000B Transmitter Coaxial Switch Controller Cable Jumper Box
- CRS System Alignment Procedures, Appendix H, Revision 10 (Dec. 2011)
- NWR Maintenance Schedule - Crown
- NWR Maintenance Schedule - SRS
- NWR Maintenance Schedule - Armstrong
- Console Replacement System (CRS) System Admin Manual
- Console Replacement System Maintenance Schedule
- Console Replacement System Maintenance Manual
- NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Home Page
- Console Replacement System (CRS) Home Page
- Weather Radio Improvement Program (WRIP) Home Page (under construction)
- EHB 7 (Communication Equipment)
- NWR Transmitter Software and Firmware Updates

Environment & Safety - Environmental and Safety Focal Point Online Coursesnew image
- Occupational Safety and Health Maintenance Note 4: NWSM 50-1115, Procedure 1 - Fall Protection bullet
- National Weather Service SPCC Training
- NWS/NOAA Environmental/Safety Staff Directorybullet
- Environmental Management Manual
- FY14 Safety, Health, Environmental, and Sustainability Action Plan
- Workers' Compensation Procedures
- Occupational Safety & Health Protection For NOAA Employees, Dept of Commerce poster
- Occupational Safety and Health Manual (Supersedes EHB-15)
- OSHA Safety Poster: Job Safety and Health: It's the Law External site
- Accident/Illness Reporting Forms
- Monthly Safety Inspection Checklists
- Web-Based Accident/Illness Reporting System 
     (Must be viewed with Internet Explorer)

- Main Technical Manual Publication Page
   Active Modification Notes     Inactive Modification Notes
   Active Maintenance Notes   Inactive Maintenance Notes
   Active Software Notes           Inactive Software Notes

ART, RRS, RSOIS, Wind Profiler

- RRS Maintenance Note 13: RRS Workstation AWIPS Communications Test new image
- RRS Maintenance Note 12: Distribution of NWS EHB 9-711: RRS Wireless T1 Installation and Maintenance Manual new image
- RRS Maintenance Note 11: Distribution of NWS EHB 9-730: RRS System Administration Manual, Revision A new image
- RRS Software Note 15: Installation of Sippican Signal Processing System (SPS) Software Version 4.8.0 new image
- Software Note 13: Installation of RRS Workstation (RWS) Software Version 2.3.1 new image
- LMS-6 SPS Software User Manual for Version 4.8.0 new image
- RSOIS Modification Note 4, Revision A: Replacement of Failed RSOIS Ultrasonic Wind Sensors
new image
- RRS Modification Note 12, Revision A: RWS Software V2.2 new image
- RRS Modification Note 8, Revision A: Vaisala SPS Installation

- RRS Maintenance Note 8: TRS O&M Technical Manual, Revision A
- RRS Equipment Maintenance Schedule 2, Revision A
- RRS Workstation User Guide for RWS Software Versions 2.2 and 2.3

OPSnet - OPSNet System Modification Note 9: Installation of Juniper EX2200 Switch new image
- OPSNet System Modification Note 10: Installation of Frequency Disturbance Recorder
- System Modification Note 8, OPSnet PA-88 Modem Installation
Engineering Handbooks

- EHB-1 R Weather Surveillance Radar 13-1new image
- EHB-1 M Computer Based Systems 13-3
- EHB-1 Accumulative Report 12-14
- EHB-1 X - Weather Service Publications 12-13
- EHB-1 S - Automatic Weather Observing Equipment 12-11
- Subscribe to NWS Technical Order Updates

Facilities - Kohler Emergency Generator Documents for ASOS and NWR
- ASOS Maintenance Note 67: Standby Power System Preventative Maintenance
- Kohler 12RES and 30RYG Engine Generator Set & MPAC 1500 ATS Schedule
- Facilities Maintenance Schedule
- GenCore Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Storage Module
Other Test Equipment - Calibration Contract Site Visit Schedulenew image
- Calibration of RF Radiation Meters
Barometry - Calibration Dates of NWS Region-Purchased/Office-Owned Paroscientific Barometers by Region, Office & S/N 10/19/2012

- Surface Equipment Modification Note 2: F – 420 Wind System Removalnew image
- Surface Equipment Modification Note 1: Primary Surge Protector (C460-5) Install

Hydrology - Hydrologic Equipment Modification Note 3, Revision A: CHPS Hardware Install
- Hydrologic Equipment Modification Note 2: FPR-D Install

- Hydrologic Equipment Modification Note 4: CHPS Hardware Install
- Hydrologic Equipment Modification Note 1: FPU Install
- Hydrologic Software Note 1: FPU Datakey Operation Under XP

- COOP D111D Note 4, Modification - Fischer and Porter (F&P) Rebuild Version D (FPR-D) Firmware Upgrade new image
- COOP D111E Note 1, Modification - Fischer & Porter/Belfort (F&P) Rebuild Version E (FPR-E) Installation (D111E) new image
- COOP C460 Note 2, Modification - Primary Surge Protector ASN C460-6, Logistics Replacement new image
-COOP C129 Note 1, Maintenance - Evaporation Pan Thermometer Replacement new image
-D111D Note 3, Modification - FPR-D Solar Panel Regulator Installation, D900-1A1A2
-D111 Note 250, Maintenance - Fischer & Porter (F&P) Rain Gauge Drain Tube (D111-1SP106)


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